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How to Make Headbands for Babies

A headband is a useful fashion accessory that reached its peak of popularity in the 1980s fitness craze and is now making a comeback after years of dormancy. You can even make your very own specially designed headbands for your baby with these simple instructions.

  1. First: The materials you need

    To get started, you are going to need soft measuring tape, a pen and a piece of paper, a calculator, a long strip of fabric that is at least three inches in width, a rotary cutter or a pair of scissors, elastic, a safety pin, an iron, a needle or sewing machine and thread. Make sure that all of the materials are safe for use on babies and small children.

  2. Second: Measuring and cutting

    Use the measuring tape to measure the circumference of your baby's head. Multiply this measurement by 1.5, and round that out to the nearest quarter of an inch. Use the result to determine how long the headband is. Then, using the rotary cutter, cut the fabric to the determined length, making sure it is two and 1/4 inches in width. Scissors are an acceptable substitute if you cannot find a rotary cutter. Cut the elastic 1/2 of an inch shorter than the measurement.

  3. Third: Fold, stitch and attach

    Fold one side of the fabric strip over half an inch, and press it down with an iron; then, do the same with the other side. After that, fold the strip in half, and press it down with the iron. Do not use steam! After this, stitch down the length of each side with half an inch unstitched at the end, creating a tube. Attach the safety pin to one end of the elastic, then hold the other end, and thread the safety pin through the tube, pulling it until it comes out the other end. Overlap each end of the elastic by half an inch, then fold the unstitched end of the fabric, push it inside and stitch both sides closed. You now have a very sassy and fashionable headband for your baby.